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Below are 2014-2016 videos, and here 2010-2013 Ishwar Ji video Satsangs.

2016 YouTube Videos
Brasilia1-Oct Who Is God
Brasilia2-Oct Spirituality is an Act of Going Within and Finding God
Brasilia3-Oct Acceptance Helps the Mind To Calm Down
Brasilia4-Oct Spiritual People Don’t Criticize Anybody
Brasilia5-Oct If We Practice Meditation Long Enough, Satguru Will Appear
Dubai1-Sep The Soul is Our Real Self
Dubai2-Sep The One Created the Many To Experience Love, Knowledge, Bliss
Dubai3-Oct Seeking Is the Secret to Going to True Home
Calgary1-May Desires and Attachments Are Keeping Us Here
Calgary2-May You Can Create Karma Only In Human Life
Calgary3-May In Meditation Withdraw Your Attention To Your Own Self
Calgary4-May Practice What You Are Reading
Calgary5-May Human Being Is An Image of The Creator
Palatine1-Jan Creator Is The Only Truth Inside Us
Palatine2-Jan Attachments Are Mistaken To Be Love

2015 YouTube Videos (59 videos)
Palatine1-Dec Soul Is the Source of Consciousness and Life
Palatine2-Dec Only Love and Devotion Counts
Barrington1-Oct Human Life Is the Most Precious Time
Barrington2-Oct Soul Uses the Mind to Have Experiences of Time and Space
Palatine1-Aug We Are Coming Back Because of Our Attachments
Palatine2-Aug Our Perceptions Are Creating Our Reality
NJ1-Aug Karma Creates Physical Life
NJ2-Aug The Soul Is the Conscious Power of Life
NJ3-Aug The Secret to the Path Is Seeking
NJ4-Aug One Soul Is Creating Experience of the Many
NJ5-Aug Spiritual Path Is Not a Religion
NJ6-Aug Spirituality Is 24-7
Davie1-Jul Finding True Home
Davie2-Jul Physical, Astral and Causal Planes Are Realms of the Mind
Davie3-Jul Meditation and Aliens
Davie4-Jul If You Search, You Will Find
Palatine1-Jul Inner Self Is the Only Reality
Palatine2-Jul Initiation Is For the Soul Seeking To Go Back Home
Palatine1-Jun Our Totality of Ourself Is the Creator
Palatine2-Jun If You Meditate with Love & Devotion, You Will Get Everything Inside and Outside
Montreal1-Jun Astral Body Is a Capacity of Sense Perception
Montreal2-Jun Everything Is a Product of Our Mind
Palatine1-May Consciousness Is the Ability to Generate Awareness
Palatine2-May Eat Light Vegetarian Food and Meditate Regularly
Barrington1-Apr Different Kinds of Gurus and Sant Satguru
Barrington2-Apr Real Spiritual Path Is Love and Devotion
Bangalore-Apr Karma Is Created By Intention To Act
Stuttgart1-Apr Love and Devotion Is the Secret of Spiritual Path
Stuttgart2-Apr The Higher Awareness You Have, The Happiest You Get
Stuttgart3-Apr Relationship with Perfect Living Master is Soul to Soul
RL Bhandara1-Apr Bhandara – Dying While Living
RL Bhandara2-Apr Creation is the Projection of the Consciousness
RL Bhandara3-Apr Bhandara Hazur Baba Sawan Singh-Go Within Your Own Consciousness
RL Bhandara4-Apr The Truth The Self-Totality of Consciousness is the Only Unchangeable Reality
RL Bhandara5-Apr Use Spiritual Awareness to Override Your Mind
RL Bhandara6-Apr Sound Is the Radiance of the Self
RL Bhandara7-Apr The Soul Is The Self
Madison1-Mar Happiness Comes From Inside
Madison2-Mar As Faith Builds, Love for the Master Keeps Growing
Memphis1-Mar Truth Can Be Found By Listening To Your Own Self
Memphis2-Mar Raise Your Awareness to the Level of Your Totality of Consciousness
Barrington-Mar Self Is the Only Certain Reality
Minneapolis1-Mar You Create Your World From Your Perception
Minneapolis2-Mar We Created World of Duality
Delhi1-Mar Mind Is The Only Problem On Spiritual Path
Delhi2,3-Mar The Real Form of The Master Is Shabd – Sound Current
London1-Mar We Get Trapped in Negativity of the Mind
Sebastopol1-Feb Use Imagination To Transfer Attention From Outside To Inside
Sebastopol2-Feb If You Are Seeker-Perfect Master Will Come To Your Life
Sebastopol3-Feb We Are Operating as Unit of Consciousness in the Body
Sebastopol4-Feb All Events Are Based On Past Karma
Sebastopol5-Feb Spiritual Work Should Be Priority Number One
Sebastopol6-Feb Each One Of Us Is Living Our Own Karma
Sacramento1-Feb Withdrawal of Attention Is Not the Same Thing as Focusing of Attention
Sacramento2-Feb We Reject Most True PLMs and Go To Pretentious Ones
Barrington1-Feb Soul Needs Love, Mind Needs Faith
Barrington2-Feb You Are Pulled by Sound to Your Own Self
Barrington1-Jan Only In Wakeful State You Can Find Truth About Self
Barrington2-Jan How Do Different Category Masters Work

2014 You Tube Videos (56 videos)
Chicago1 Seek Within Yourself And You Will Find
Chicago2 The Experiencer – the Ultimate Self Is the Only Reality
Orlando1 Ishwar Ji 88th Birthday part-1
Orlando2 Spiritual Path is Love and Devotion | 88th Birthday part-2
Brisbane1 Criteria to Meet Enlightened Master
Brisbane2 The Real Master Is Always Inside
Brisbane3 Attention Creates Reality For Us
Brisbane4 Experience of Love Requires Feeling of Separation
Singapore1 Human Body is the Greatest Miracle
Singapore2 Mind Is Acting Like God
Singapore3 Meditation Should Be Way of Life
Bruce New Western Spiritual Center in Bruce WI
RL1 We Are Here and Now
RL2 All Spiritual Knowledge Is Inside You
RL3 Source of Creation Is Within Yourself
RL4 Put Meditation as Priority Number One
RL5 Find Radiant Form of the Master
Minneapolis1 All Souls Are the Same – No Discrimination
Minneapolis2 All the Answers Are Hidden Inside Us
Greece1 Reality Depends on Your Attention – Origin of Attention Is Your Real Home
Greece2 Without Grace Nothing Happens
Greece3 True Self is Total Consciousness
Greece4 True Home is Beyond the Mind
Greece5 Perfect Living Master Will Pull You
Chicago1 Soul Provides All the Power To Make Life
Chicago2 Soul Is Consciousness – Sound Current Is the Soul
Stockholm1 The Purpose of Human Life
Stockholm2 Journey Through Awareness to Our True Home
Stockholm3 Yoga of Attention and Sound
Stockholm4 Without Consciousness Nothing Is Alive
Stockholm5 Love Is The Most Powerful Healer
Stockholm6 Initiation Takes Place At The Third Eye Center
Stockholm7 This Path Is Based On Love and Devotion
Calgary1 Love and Devotion Takes Us to True Home
Calgary2 Mind Is the Creator of Doubt and Fear
Calgary3 Happiness Comes From Within
Calgary4 Our Own True Self Is the Only Reality
Chicago1 Dhunatmak Resonance Comes from Sach Khand
Chicago2 Spirituality Is Not a Religion
Bhandara1 Sense Perceptions Creates World For Us
Bhandara2 Sense Perceptions Are Built Into Astral Body
Bhandara3 Nothing Is Real – It Is Play of Consciousness
Bhandara4 Meditation – By Regular Practice You Can Do Anything
Bhandara5 Sant Mat Takes Us Beyond the Mind
Bhandara6 The Master and the Sound Are One
Bhandara7 Mind Is the Only Obstacle to Go Home
Bhandara8 Attachments Are Not Love
Bhandara9/10 Art of Concentrating Attention Behind the Eyes
Bhandara11 Bhandara Hazur Baba Sawan Singh Stories
LosAngeles1 What Is Outside is Merely Reflection Of What Is Inside
LosAngeles2 Time Is the Biggest Trap
LosAngeles3 Karma Is Created In Human Form By Intention To Act
LosAngeles4 Practice Meditation and You Will Get Experience
LosAngeles5 Initiation by the Perfect Living Master
Chicago1 Consciousness Is the Creator of Everything
Chicago2 Karma Is Created By Our Mind

2010-2013 Ishwar Ji video Satsangs